Most of the questions you may have are below, feel free to contact us for any other question not described below.
, Frequently Asked Questions


Most of the questions you may have are below, feel free to contact us for any other question not described below.
Am I getting fraudulent clicks?

Unfortunately, you are getting some kind of fraud activity with your Ads, either competitor clicking on your ads, malware, botnets or untrustworthy sites where your ads are showing.

As an average on every 3 dollars on ad spend 1 dollar is wasted on fraudulent activity.

How does it work?

ArmorClick analyze on real time all traffic coming from your clicks and observe the behavior of the visitor on your website allowing us to decide if the click on the ad is coming from a legit person or not.

After we are 100% sure the click is not legit, ArmorClick communicate by API with your Google Account and avoid showing the ad to the non-legit source.

Does ArmorClick support IPv6?

Yes, ArmorClick monitor and can block IPv6.

Is Parallel tracking supported?

100% supported.

Can I block manually IP’s?

Of course. Especially useful if you have static IP in your office and you want to avoid your employees to click on your ads to access to your company website.

How accurate we detect and block fraud clicks?

The accuracy of ArmorClick blocking fraud clicks is of 100%, if we are not sure we label them as suspicious clicks and let you decide

What are suspicious clicks?

ArmorClick label clicks as suspicious when there is any chance the traffic can be legit. We keep checking on the behavior of these click and you always can block them manually.

Can I see how much I save on stopped fraudsters and how do you calculate it?

This is a must and you can see it on real time, we calculate that fraudsters might click on an average of 5 times per day on your ads, the saved amount came from adding up how much you are saving for each fraud click on a day.

Do I need to do something to block fraud clicks?

ArmorClick does the job for you, you don’t need to do absolutely nothing!

Can I choose individual campaigns to get protected?

You can choose which campaigns you want to monitor and also which campaigns you want we protect blocking automatically the fraudsters.

Why do I need to add an extra code to my website?

The code added on your website help us to have an extra layer of accuracy in detecting the user’s behavior on your site.

What does happen when I reach my maximum limit of blocked IP’s?

We don’t limit the number of IP’s blocked, however there is a limitation with Google Ads of 500 IP’s block per campaign. Once this limit is reached, we start to remove first the older IP’s from where clicks where happening.

If you have any other question, please contact us here, we’re here to assist you.