How it works?

How it work, How It Works

How it works?


We monitor 24/7 all traffic coming after a click on your ads, only after a click. More than 20 parameters are storage from the visitor to your website

Real Time Analysis

The data is analyzed on ArmorClick Cloud. Every click, VPN traffic, device and behavior on the website is recorded.

Prevention & Protection

Fraud clicks are blocked immediately and seamless. Competitors, botnets and click farms are detected and they won’t see you again your ads.

Detailed Click Fraud Reporting

Full reporting on your Fraud clicks on every device and type of campaigns.

How it work, How It Works
How it work, How It Works
1.- Login with your Google account

Seamless connection with your Google Ads Account

2.- Add Parameter

Add Tracking Parameter in your Google Ad account

3.- Extra Security Layer

Add our code in al your pages for an extra layer of security

That's All

Start to increase your sales and use your advertising budgets more efficiently.